Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used to influence brain behaviour using language and other kinds of communication to allow a person to ‘recode’ the way their brain responds to stimuli and bring about new and better behaviours. This treatment often involves hypnosis and self-hypnosis to help achieve the change and outcome wanted.
Dr Richard Bandler invented the term "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" in the 1970s. He was asked to write the definition of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that appears in the Oxford English Dictionary. It says:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming: "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them" and "a system of alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour."
I will use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with you to achieve the change or changes you want to achieve in your life.
NLP Training
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